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Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

How to make a Bluetooth Headset suitable for a stay in a hospital

Last month, when I was starting my stay in a hospital, I bought a BT headset to use it with my phone and my netbook to communicate and hear music.

But the one and only disadvatage was the rigid neck frame. This neck frame was anticipating every trial to lay down and sleep with the headset in my pillow.
What was to do now?

1. Find a nurse, who will give you some assistance...
2. Get a infusion tool with a 4 mm soft tube, another tool with a 3mm tube, a knife, a pencil and some adhesive tape

3. Prepare the tubes and connect the tubes to the ear pads

  • make two longer tubes for the connection to the headset, each long and two pieces round about 5 mm long fron the 4 mm tube and two pieces from the 3 mm tube, 10 mm long
  • place a 3mm tube inside the 4 mm tube to make the 4 mm tube a little bit stiffer
  • place a widened piece (use the pencil!) of the 4 mm tube outside the long 4 mm tube

  • then place the prepared tube inside the ear pads
  • and now make a fixature from adhesive plaster and make a save connection between tube and ear pad

4. Connect the tube to the BT headset
  • place the tube coaxial to the earphone and fix it with a small piece of adhesive plaster

  • and make another fixature to make a second save connection, this time between the tube and the headset

5. Enjoy

The result of a short storm in the brian, assistance from a nurse and some dexterity:

This construktion did working over 10 days ...

Regards from Germany (sorry for my fancy english)