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Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Polarized light art - PolFrame

What can we do with a scrapped LCD?

We can concert it into a picture frame showing structures, w've never seen before at normal plastic things like cd-cover or safety googles.
This effect was used in technical and science projects to show stress areas in plastic parts:

What do we need, to pruduce such pictures as an art object?

1. We need a scrapped LCD, a wooden picture frame, some paper, tape, glue and a transverter to drive the LCD light.

2. What shall we do to make a pol-frame?
  • extract the LCD from the Laptop
  • remove all electrical and mechanical parts from the LCD, also the backlight plane

  • split the LCD-panel in the front and rear part, remove the LC-fluid
  • mount the front plane instead the glass of the picture frame
  • mount a spacer at the rear side of the front part of the picture frame (approx 1 - 2")
  • complete the rear part of the LCD with the backlight and the transverter
  • bring a part of polystyrene or polycarbonate into the space between front and rear part of the formarly LCD
  • drive the backlight
3. What can we see?

  • a safety google

  • or a plastic sheet

  • or a cellophane sheet